It’s really interesting how different objects look when seen from a prospective that is different from the day-to-day interactions. Here’s a photograph of a ruler that I’ve had laying on my desk forever.

My intention was to capture some closeups of the ball in a ball-point pen. However, the image wasn’t materializing the way that I had hoped. My 90mm macro lens wasn’t providing the magnification that I needed.

I switched to a profile photo of the pen on a notebook.

this is a really nice way to do a steak when it’s too cold outside to grill. it has the added bonus that the cast-iron skillet cleans up rather easily.

I really wish that I had positioned the skillet more to the right so that I captured more of the handle and the end of the tongs.

Yes. I waited until the last minute, again, to make a photo for today. However, the texture of the Biscoff cookie is really interesting.

Everyone has an opinion

I wonder if this would be a better or worse photo if the boat was more in focus. Would the viewer’s eye be drawn to the boat if it was more in focus?

Michael Levy

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